(Partial List)

For Love of the Game, (Camera Pilot); Dus, (Aerial Coordinator, Stunt & Camera Pilot ); Three Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain, (Story Pilot); Under Siege II: Dark Territory (Aerial Coordinator & Camera Pilot); Dumb and Dumber, (Story & Camera Pilot); Terminal Velocity, ( Aerial Coordinator, Camera & Stunt Pilot); Geronimo, (Aerial Coordinator, Camera Pilot); Eight Seconds, (Camera Pilot); Aspen Extreme, (Aerial Coordinator, Story & Camera Pilot, 5 helicopters, 2 airplanes); Revenge of The Ninja; Warning Signs; Blade Runner; Jeremia Johnson; Biohazards; Birds of Prey; On Any Sunday; M.A.S.H; Alive (scouting).

(Partial List)

Pepsi, Subaru, Honda, Wells Fargo, Marlboro, GMC Truck, Chrysler, Kellogg, Lucky Strike, Ford, Jiffy Lube, Saturn, Nissan Hyundai, Asahi Beer, Samsonite, Coors, Peugeot, Colorado Lottery Keno, John Deere Co., Budweiser Budlite "Red Rocks", Coors Dry Beer, Pontiac Motors, Jeep Eagle, SAAB, John Elway Toyota, Stevinson Lexus, US Air Force, Paine Weber, Bank of America, Chrysler Motors, PIE Trucking, Mazda Motors, Lincoln Mercury, Jeep, Land Rover at Pikes Peak, Enterprise, Amtrak, 2014 Olympic Promo Spot.

(Partial List)

IMAX 'Celebrate Detroit' (Camera Pilot), IMAX "Kansas City Presents" (Camera Pilot ), Destination Golf, Fox Sports Net, (Aerial Coordinator/Camera Pilot), BBC Wales, Environmental TV Series (Camera Pilot), Asteroid, (Camera &Stunt Pilot); The Shining, (Camera Pilot ); NBC-Dateline (Camera Pilot); ABC News-Turning Point (Camera Pilot); BBC's American Visions & The Human Body (Camera Pilot); Golf Colorado (Camera Pilot); "Naruhodo" ( Camera Pilot for Japanese TV); lronside (Aerial Coordinator, Camera & Stunt Pilot); Moody Blues at Red Rocks, Osmond Spectaculars (Stunts), Coca Cola Cup Ski Race (Host Talent, & Camera Pilot ), Anasazi Indians 6 Part Series, Believe It or Not, Long Beach Grand Prix, Live To Tokyo Japan, US Olympic Bicycle Team, 60 Minutes, ABC Sports Seniors Tournament, NFL Live, "Dream Chaser" air-to-air, Discovery Channel's 'Wild Planet-North America'Discovery Channel's 'Gunsmoke' & American Guns (Story ship), ABC's 'Extreme Weight Loss'.

(Partial List)

X Games, All Star Baseball Broadcast, NBC/ESPN (Camera Pilot), International Golf Tournament, Seniors Open Golf Tournament, ABC Sports, Pikes Peak Hill Climb Race (Aerial Coordinator and Camera Pilot), Trans-Pacific Balloon Crossing Recovery (11 Helicopters & 4 Lear Jets), Land World Speed Record, Bonneville Speed Week, Coca Cola Cup Ski Race, Mountain Man Triathlon, That's Incredible Balloons, Long Beach Grand Prix, Thunder Boat Races, Stunts Unlimited, CBS News & Sports, Evil Kneivel Snake River Jump, ESPN, Wide World Of Sports, ABC News & Sports, Coors Bicycle Classic, numerous Search & Rescue Operations ( Land & Water), Law Enforcement Support, Aerial Herding Red Bull "Cold Rush" (camera pilot), Top Gear TV (camera Pilot), CBS '48 Hours' (camera pilot)..


All helicopter companies are not created equal.

AirCam is very proud of important distinction with regard to customer service, safety, credentials and reliability.

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