Jim Dirker has been 'flying a camera' for more than 35 years for motion pictures, television, news and sport....as Aerial Coordinator, Camera/Story Ship and Stunt Pilot....also, as television news reporter and events host. Rated in both helicopters and airplanes, Jim has over 27,000 flight hours, with No accidents or FAA violations. As an expert in high altitude mountain flying, Jim is also experienced in air to ground microwave transmission and relay operations. Member of SAG.


AirCam has flown all camera mounts - - WESCAM, Tyler Major, Middle and Nose, IMAX, Cineflex and SpaceCam. AirCam also has an FAA Approved Motion Picture Television Flight Operations Manual.All aircraft have camera windows.

All helicopter companies are not created equal.

AirCam is very proud of important distinction with regard to customer service, safety, credentials and reliability.

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