- The Aerospatiale TwinStar is manufactured in France.  Originally by Aerospatiale, and now by Eurocopter, after a merger with a German helicopter company.  It shares the functionality and performance characteristics of the Astar AS350: a large, quiet cabin and superb passenger visibility.  However, because of it's twin turbine engines and redundant systems, the TwinStar offers added reliability, speed and endurance.

The TwinStar's capacity is five passengers in forward facing seats, however, capacities are always weight driven and four passengers are typically more comfortable.  The roomy cabin had wide doors for easy access.  The cabin is quieter than other helicopters allowing for conversation among passengers, yet each seat is still equipped with intercom and headsets.  AirCam's TwinStars are equipped with reverse slide camera windows for aerial photography.  There are three exterior luggage compartments for carry-on luggage and extra gear. 

  • Other information: At sea level it has a top speed of 150 knots (173 mph)
  • It is especially suited to high altitude flying like that in Colorado

BELL JETRANGER III 206B-3 - The Bell JetRanger is the smallest of the Bell fleet and the most popular light turbine helicopter in history.  Bell Helicopter designed the JetRanger in 1965 with an eye toward the commercial market.  In 1977, the JetRanger III was introduced with major changes from the original.  Most important was the increased performance for high altitudes and hot temperatures.

Designed for single pilot operation, the cabin will accommodate four passengers, three in the rear cabin and one next to the pilot.  The two rear doors are equipped with wedge windows allowing for more elbow room' for the three passengers in the rear seat.  AirCam's JetRanger is further equipped with a verticle slide camera window for aerial photography.  Each seat is also outfitted with intercom and headsets. 

  • Other information: At sea level it has a top speed of 130 knots (150 mph).
  • Reliable and versatile, the B-3 is in use worldwide in a variety of applications.
  • It is as appropriate in the corporate environment as it is in utility applications




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